Interpreting and Conjuring

  • Practice Workshop

This day we were assigned a quick project to explore the way of thinking and how to visualise it, then gathered each works at the end.

After the briefing (containing references of artists such as Eleanor Antin, Rolly Anderson, and Francis Alÿs etc.) in the morning, we got into pairs and worked together and acted in concert until 2:30 PM, to present any ideas visually on the Instagram hashtag #ChelseaStage1Group2. Our tutor also introduced us a well-known artist Richard Long representing the land art (earthwork) movement, questioning how we correlate with the environment. In his record, an artwork was the part of nature.

I took some photos and footage around collage, then considered why these things attracted me in terms of art.

  • What I Found

A wood block on the skylight.

A chair with plastic bags placed in front of the window, surrounded by bricks.

Different kinds of lines on the ground.

  • Feedback

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